What does this do?

Link Cleaner is a web app that removes unnecessary junk from web links in one click. The result can then be copied to the device clipboard, shared to another app or service, or displayed as a QR code for easy scanning.

If you install Link Cleaner with a supported browser and operating system (e.g. Chrome on Android), it appears in your system share menu. Through the share menu, you can send clean links to apps by first sharing them to Link Cleaner, and then Link Cleaner can reopen the share menu with the clean links.

Link Cleaner also has a Shortcut for easy access on iPhones and iPads, and it appears as a search engine suggestion in desktop web browsers. If you want to use Link Cleaner in other workflows, you can open a URL with https://linkcleaner.app/?url=X. The url parameter should be a link that has been properly encoded.


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